Wednesday, November 12, 2008

#124T Robin Ventura

Here's one of the other top rookie cards in this traded set. Overall, the Olympic players in this set did quite well for themselves.

IMPACT FACTOR 7/10: Ventura played 9 full seasons with the White Sox (plus a cup of coffee in 1989) and was one of the most important players in that franchise's return to excellence. Thanks to Wade Boggs, Ventura didn't make many all-star games, but Robin was one of the top power-hitting 3Bs in the game for a long stretch.


Steve Gierman said...

For the longest time in Chicago there was the Batman (Frank Thomas) and Robin references. No one could make me forget Ventura at third base. Although a healthy Joe Crede made a strong case.

MMayes said...

Somebody has to say it.....