Tuesday, November 4, 2008

#101T Rafael Santana

Hell yeah, what a great photo! It's another shot with proper front lighting, capturing a nice spring training field and foliage in the background.

Incidentally, I just finished reading "The Worst Team Money Could Buy" about the 1992 Mets, and Santana was named one of the top 5 all-time good guy Mets.

IMPACT FACTOR 1/10: Santana played one poor year for the Yankees, although the three guys they sent to the Mets for him did even less in the majors than Santana.

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Mike S said...

The 1992 Mets might've been bad on the field, but they were great in Sports Talk Baseball. Of course, any team with the 1991 seasons of Murray, Randolph, HoJo, Bonilla, Sabes, Cone, Gooden, and Franco will be pretty strong.

Almost Sasser time! ;)