Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tournament poll #2

First up is Wade Boggs. This is an iconic photo that captures what Boggs really looked like at the plate. A beautiful head-to-toe photograph, it is diminished only by the optical illusion that Boggs is receiving a colonoscopy. Boggs was, along with Tony Gwynn, among the two best hitters of the 1980s, hitting his peak right around the time of this card. Although the blue border leaves a bit to be desired, Topps hit a homer with the white-on-red name banner, matching the Red Sox's team colors perfectly.

In 1988, Yount was about two-thirds of the way through his HOF career, all spent with the Brewers. He was a few years removed from his defensive move from SS to CF and one year later he would win his second MVP award. Topps didn't choose the best photo, with Yount looking like he needs to go to the bathroom, plus the color scheme for the Brewers cards leaves plenty to be desired. But let's get this guy some votes--a class act all the way.

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