Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tournament poll #1

Wow, this is a huge battle right out of the gate with two of the best athletes the game has ever seen.

First we've got #750 Bo Jackson. The man simply owned the sports world in the late 1980s and even though his cards weren't always the most valuable, he had a big impact on the world of collecting. This is a lovely card in all blue, nicely representing the Royals franchise. It's a great action shot of Jackson following through on a monster cut, with a great puff of dust to attest. And #750 is a great number for just a second-year card. As the top vote-getter in our preliminary voting, this card deserves serious consideration.

Eric Davis fights back with perhaps the greatest action shot of the entire 1988 Topps set. Head down, eyes focused, long & slender, Davis shows off his immensely strong and quick wrists. Dressed in red, with red batting glove flailing and red dugout in the background, this card represents the Reds almost as well as Jackson's card represents the Royals. And while the choice of magenta name banner for Reds cards was not a good one, at least they chose a photo with a woman in the background wearing an exactly matching shirt. That's one reason why this card looks so much better than other Reds cards in the set.

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