Saturday, October 4, 2008

#53T Glenn Hubbard

This is a very nice card. Who knows what the sign in the background behind Old Mother Hubbard says?

IMPACT FACTOR 2/10: Hubbard signed with the A's as a free agent but couldn't hold down the second base job, eventually yielding to Tony Phillips.


CRC said...

Atlanta Braves current first base coach

and although it does not look like this is the correct length of words i think the sign may say "no pepper games"

Anonymous said...

Met this guy when he was managing the Braves' low-A team in the mid nineties. He was a surly character. He acted like he didn't want to sign, and the whole time he was signing a card apiece for a friend and me, he had a scowl. HOWEVER, my card was an A's card (this one, I think), and he looked up and said "you know, that was the end of my career, but I got a ring from that team." Anyway, he may not have wanted to sign, but he did so how much can I complain?