Thursday, September 25, 2008

Giveaway #11

Sorry I have fallen behind here, in terms of giveaways and polling of the best card in the set.

Anyway, here is what I think will be the final giveaway for this blog.

You're getting cards #651 through #792 of the 1988 Topps set. Included are Fernando, Tom Glavine, Dave Stieb, Ruben Sierra, Lou Whitaker, Mike Scott, A's Leaders with McGwire and Canseco, Bo Jackson, Kevin McReynolds, John Franco, Danny Tartabull, Tim Raines, Daaaaa-ryyyyl, Fred Lynn....and a whole bunch more.

You're also getting packs I recently ripped over on A Pack A Day. They are a 2006 Topps Bazooka pack, a 2007 Topps series 1 pack with some seriously dinged cards, a 1983 Fleer Cello pack with a bunch of HOFers, as well as a 1988 Fleer cello pack and 1988 Topps jumbo pak. These last two packs have been ripped and will post to APAD in coming weeks.

So, to win this swag, you need to pick the last name from which you can assemble the best team of players from the regular 1988 Topps set (not traded.) This contest is the same as the one from last time except that you are limited to last names only. Check the previous contest for rules on how to do it. I'm looking for the best collection of talent, not necessarily the most complete team. I'll leave this contest open through Monday 9/29 and declare a winner from the comments.


Jamin said...

I like 'Davis.' Here's the talent:

C- Jody Davis
1B- Alvin Davis, Glenn Davis
OF- Mike Davis, Eric Davis, Chili Davis
SP- Joel Davis, Storm Davis
RP- John Davis, Mark Davis

Nothing at 2B, SS, or 3B, but man, look at that outfield! Also, two all-star quality 1B, a solid C, and at least one quality SP and RP. (Storm and Mark)

Andy said...

That was my guess. Let's see if anybody else can beat it.

zman40 said...

It's probably not up to par with the Davis team , but I'll take a shot any way.


SS-Matt Williams
3B-Eddie Williams
RP-Frank and Mitch Williams
MGR-Dick Williams
GM-Ken Williams

It's deffinitely lacking to the Davis team, but it does have a HOF manager.

Don said...

I will go with the Smith route, even though there is not much to choose from:

SS - Ozzie
OF - Lonnie
P - Lee, Zane, Bryn, and Dave

A HOF SS, all time saves leader (at the time of retirement), a decent closer in the early 80s, and an above average OF.

CRC said...

you can make a good OF with Mookie, Willie and Glenn Wilson
Pitching Staff of Ron, Jeff, Jeff (2 different Jeff's) and Don Robinson
1B: Jack, Will Clark

OF: Brady
IF: Dave
P: Allan
MGR: Sparky

thats all i got

DanGarion said...

I wouldn't mind having a full team of Bob and Kirk Gibson's, but I think the Davis' will win regardless.

Andy said...

jamin wins!