Tuesday, September 16, 2008

#782 Jeff Ballard

Why this card is awesome: Because after his terrible 1987 performance, didn't the Orioles think that Ballard just might contribute to a bad 1988 season? Perhaps, which is why he didn't start with the team until their record losing streak to start the season had ended. And, hey, the Orioles did go 10-15 in his 25 games, which might be better than they did with anybody else.

Cool stat: Ballard's 1989 shows what a bad job the guys who voted for Cy Young awards do sometimes. Ballard won 18 games that year and finished 6th in the CY voting. First of all, neutralized, he should have gone 12-11. Second of all, no 18-game winner in the last 60 years has had fewer strikeouts.

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Luke said...

man, i thought there wouldn't be any more future buccos but I was WRONG!....