Monday, September 15, 2008

#762 Scott Bradley

Why this card is awesome: Because there's another almost-hidden bat, and it's quite grainy! Also, yet another bad trade for the Mariners mentioned on the back. Calderon was no superstar, but he was a good player for the White Sox.

Also this is yet another card featuring a Mariners player looking confused. You can't tell me that somebody at Topps who worked on putting this set together didn't have something against the Mariners, Brewers, and Phillies.

Cool stat: Bradley had just 18 career homers, but he hit 5 of them off two guys: Richard Dotson and Dave Stewart. Both of his homers against Stewart came in the same game, and they were both 2-run jobs, and they were all the runs the Mariners scored as they got obliterated by the A's.

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