Friday, September 12, 2008

#759 A's Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because this reminds me of how confused I was in 1988 as to whether the team was called A's or Athletics. I thought that since this card said A's, then A's must have been their official name. I was confused to later learn about them also being called Athletics.

Also, back in 1988, I think it goes without saying that this was a pretty damn awesome card. McGwire was the best young power hitter in the game and Canseco was the first 40-40 guy in history.

Wow, Luis Polonia got his name on a leaders card not once but TWICE.

Cool stat: Here's a list that really shows how the Steroids Era began in 1993. This is most recent seasons with 120+ runs and 120+ RBI. Nineteen such seasons were recorded in the first 8 years of the current decade. Twenty such seasons were recorded 1993 to 1999. Before that, Canseco's 1988 was one of just two such seasons in the 1980s.

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