Wednesday, September 10, 2008

#732 Dave Palmer

Why this card is awesome: Because, wow, Palmer is wearing an older uniform than every other Brave in this set (save for Ozzie Virgil, as dayf pointed out to me.) I wonder why? Maybe this photo is from 1986?

Can anybody remember: I recall a pitcher for the Phillies tripping very badly (and comically) on 3rd base and I think it was Palmer. Does anybody remember for sure?

Cool stat: Since 1901, only 19 pitchers have had at least 2 seasons by age 21 with 120 IP and 120 ERA+. Palmer's one of them, joining names like Christy Mathewson, Fernando Valenzuela, Babe Ruth, Dwight Gooden, Bob Feller, and Walter Johnson.

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David said...

I'm no Braves expert, but I think the tomahawk was reintroduced to the uniform in 1987, so that's a 1987 uniform of some sort?

But the cap and undershirt appear to be from 1986.