Tuesday, September 9, 2008

#727 Greg Booker

Why this card is awesome: Because here is more family tree craziness on the back. Not quite as dizzying as the back of Gary Thurman's card, though.

Incidentally, what the back of the card fails to mention is that Kelly McKeon is the son of Jack McKeon, who became Booker's manager.

Cool stat: Booker has one of the most recent careers with a K/BB of 1.01 or worse, minimum 250 IP.


MMayes said...

His '87 and '88 were tough to figure. In 1987 he had 30 walks & 17 strikeouts. In 1988 he had 19 walks and 43 strikeouts. However, by finding the strikezone more often in 1988, his ERA went from 3.16 to 3.39, which was significant, given that 1987 was the year of the hitter.

That, along with the high number of walks, tells me Greg didn't trust his stuff, and for good reason. When his stuff hit the strike zone, batters feasted on it. In '87 the league hit .246 off him and his BABIP was .246. in '88 those numbers went to .278/.313.

Kevin said...

The Family Tree Angle gets better. In 1989, father-in-law Jack (in his role as GM) would trade Greg to the Twins for Freddie Toliver! Talk about your awkward family reunions.