Monday, September 8, 2008

#722 Manny Lee

Why this card is awesome: Because, again, that ridiculous abbreviation "S. P. DE-M., D. R." kills me. It's a tad disrespectful, I think. You don't see "W. D. C., U. S." on any of these cards.

Cool stat: Lee remains the only guy to ever strike out 100 times in a season with no homers. Another way you can look at this is like this, which shows others who got close. Oh Gary Pettis!

Lee, who usually was called Manuel (not Manny) later in his career, was an abysmal offensive player, finishing with a career OPS+ of (gulp!) 73.

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capewood said...

Well, they did spell it out once on the back. There wasn't room to spell it twice.