Thursday, September 4, 2008

#699 Padres Leaders

Why this card is awesome: Because what a difference 6 cards makes. On his own card, Santiago looked like a badass. Here, he looks like he's peeing in his pants.

Who knows which stadium is in the background?

Cool stat: Let me take this opportunity to talk a bit more about Tony Gwynn. In 1987, he hit .370 with 56 stolen bases. Check out where he ranks all-time for most SB in a season with a .370 BA. Gwynn is the only guy in the top 25 from the last 80 years.

Hall of Fame count: 43

Any Tony Gwynn is good Tony Gwynn.


zman40 said...

With the wavy roof, it's got to be Dodger Stadium.

Unknown said...

In the homer-happy season of 1987, the Padres had the lowest total for team leader: John Kruk with a mere 20 HRs.