Thursday, September 4, 2008

#696 Duane Ward

Why this card is awesome: Because although this isn't a rookie card, it's an early card of a guy almost forgotten to time who had a huge hand in two World Series wins for the Blue Jays.

Cool stat: Over 1992-1993, among relievers, Ward had the 3rd-best ERA+ (minimum 100 IP) and 3rd-most strikeouts. And he had a 1.12 ERA over the two World Series that year. And then he got hurt and it was all over.


Mike S said...

Duane Ward was nasty. Neither he nor Tom Henke received nearly enough credit for their great pitching. In fact, same thing goes for Dave Stieb...and Jimmy Key...and, if you look at Cy Young articles this year, Roy Halladay (frequently listed behind Dice-K and K-Rod). Poor Jays hurlers.

Cannonball said...

How did he get hurt?

Mike S said...

Look at any shots of Ward's violent delivery. Frankly, I'm amazed that he was able to pitch for as long as he did.