Wednesday, September 3, 2008

#689 Tom Pagnozzi

Why this card is awesome: Because, hey check it out, Pagnozzi's mom is watching him bat!

Cool stat: Pagnozzi is one of a bunch of players from this set who spent their entire career at the major-league level with just one team.

Here are the batters (minimum 500 games):

Barry Larkin
Cal Ripken
Tony Gwynn
Tom Pagnozzi
Ron Karkovice
Mike Greenwell
Robby Thompson
Alan Trammell
Don Mattingly
Kirby Puckett
Lou Whitaker
Kent Hrbek
George Brett
Randy Bush
Robin Yount
Jim Gantner
Mike Scioscia
Ron Oester
Andres Thomas
Frank White
Bruce Benedict
Tim Flannery
Tim Laudner
Jim Rice
Mike Schmidt
Dave Concepcion
Garth Iorg

And here are the pitchers (minimum 100 games):

Teddy Higuera
Mark Williamson
Bill Wegman
Jeff Innis
Tim Crews
Wally Ritchie
Allan Anderson
Scott Garrelts
Bob Stanley
Ron Guidry
Scott McGregor
Mario Soto
Ken Dixon

HOF players in bold. If you want to get a hint about how I came to this list, see here.


Jamin said...

Bob Stanley was a hitter as well? Interesting list though, especially for the more obscure names.

MMayes said...

That's not Pagnozzi's mom. That's Big Shirl from the Diner on the great 1970's show "What's Happening?!!?" I don't know where Raj, Dwayne and Raj's annoying little sister are. Sadly, Rerun (Fred Berry)and his beret left us a few years ago.

Tom's nephew Matt catches for our local AA team and goes to my church. Nice guy just like his uncle, but not as good a player.

Andy said...

I fixed Stanley's double listing, thanks.

The younger Pagnozzi has put up dismal numbers in the minors and I have my doubts he'll ever make the show, now 25 years old.

defgav said...

Matt proved you wrong, Andy, getting called up in 2009. In 33 total games up through last year, batted .310. (oh, reading through a blog 4 years after the fact :)