Tuesday, September 2, 2008

#683 Julio Franco

Why this card is awesome: Because let's take a guy with one of the coolest unique batting stances ever, and put him in a blurry photo with his mouth hanging open. Suuure.

Cool stat: I love Julio Franco. Check out some stuff I wrote about him here. Franco makes the top 10 all time for most hits from Age 40 season on.


Mike S said...

I sort of hoped that Julio Franco would hang around until age 50 in order to get 3000 hits. Would've loved to see the HOF voters' heads explode when they tried to figure that one out.

Like Key, why did Franco get a crappy card #?

Mike S said...

Additionally, discounting the Season Highlights, All-Star, and Turn Back the Clock cards, is there any other run in this set of 4+ players who were all all-stars at some point in their careers like this quartet of Hough, Bonilla, Key, and Franco?

Andy said...

Franco was quite underappreciated, and he was better in the second half of his career (or should I say middle third?)

Great point about 4 all-stars in a row...you might be right.