Tuesday, September 2, 2008

#680 Charlie Hough

Why this card is awesome: Because this is simply a great photo showing the sky blue eyes of a very good pitcher. Hough had a very long and interesting career, starting off as an ace reliever with the Dodgers in the early 70s and going all the way into the mid-90's, finishing as the anchor of the brand new Florida Marlins franchise.

Cool stat: Hough finished his career at 216-216, .500, but neutralized he was 226-196, 30 games over .500 at .536! As is typical for a knuckleballer, he allowed very few hits. But check out his company: fewest hits per 9 among pitchers with at least 3500 IP. The top 19 guys are all in the HOF except for Randy Johnson and Roger Clemens, who both will be one day. (Yes, Rocket will get in.) Oh, and Hough is not in.

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Mongomaniac said...

Always liked Charlie. As much as I am a fan of Mickey Lolich at #19 on your list....I don't believe he's made it to the HOF yet (and probably won't, even with the 68 series). Great site!!