Saturday, September 27, 2008

#42T Mark Grace

Here's another great rookie card from the set.

IMPACT FACTOR 9/10: Grace was a fantastic player for the Cubs, playing the first 13 years of his career with them before heading out to Arizona. He had the most hits of the 1990s. The only thing that keeps Grace from getting a 10 is that the Cubs didn't have any post-season success with him. In 1989, that wasn't Grace's fault. In the 5 games against the Giants in the NLCS, Grace had an 1.800 OPS (not a typo) with 11 hits and 8 RBI.

I'm sure that Cubs fans will push for Grace to get into the HOF, but he falls quite short, actually.


Johngy said...

Grace would have been helped by a few more HR's per year. In the age of long bombs, Grace was a steady 15 guy. He had an excellent career, but indeed not HOF.

Matt Maldre said...

as a cubs fan who lives in Chicago, I would say that the consensus amoung cubs fans is that we think Grace is not a HOF'er. Right now our focus is getting Ron Santo into the HOF. To start claiming Grace should be in the HOF would weaken our case, as it would look like we are just totally homies.

Jim said...

I remember Grace so well from the 1989 playoffs vs. the Giants, I was at game 5 when the Giants clinched. He and Will Clark put on just an impossible show between 2 guys, one upping each other all the way until Clark won it for SF in game 5. I thought this guys was gonna be like Mattingly, but instead I guess he was like Keith Hernandez (no disrespect) great career, and now he he is a heck of a broadcaster.

MMayes said...

I remember his coming on Jim Rome's show near the end of his career talking about slumpbusters, dating Lauren Holly and something about Nomar and some pre-Mia gal he dated.