Wednesday, September 24, 2008

#32T Chili Davis

As compared to the preceding card, Davis looks pretty thrilled to be joining the Angels.

IMPACT FACTOR 4/10: Davis came and left as a free agent, playing three effective years for the Angels from 1988 to 1990. In his impact factor, I'm not counting his 4 future years for the Angels in 1993-1996, when he was actually even better.

Interestingly, despite playing 7 seasons with the Angels, Davis probably had more impact with every other team he played for (Giants, Twins, and Yankees) except for the Royals. He helped all those other teams either get to the post season or to win championships.


MMayes said...

I love the insightful information in the comment. Not only did the California Angels sign Chili as a free agent, but they also took the extra step of adding him to the roster! Imagine the glee in the Davis household: "Mom, the Angels not only signed me, they added me to the roster today!"

Jim said...

Good stuff mmayes. In hindsight GREAT idea to also add him to the roster, since they paid him so much money.

He went froma speed/power guy to a power/no speed whatsovever guy by the end of his career, but wasa feared underrated hitter all the way through.