Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#662 Turn Back the Clock - 1978

Why this card is awesome: Because this is a harbinger of great things to come. As soon as we finish this 88 Topps set (plus the 88 Traded set) it's on to the 78 set, including the card featured on this Turn Back the Clock issue.

By the way, on that Rice card, where it says "DH-OF", that stands, quite rightly, for "Denied: Hall of Fame."

Cool stat: The back of the card mentions that Rice had 15 triples in a 40+ HR season in 1978. That's pretty rare. Only 17 times has a player had double-digit triples along with 40+ homers and Rice ranks up there with some pretty damn good company: Gehrig, Ruth, DiMaggio, Greenberg, Hornsby, Mays...


Jim said...

Denied Hall of Fame!!! great line

Ben said...

I always liked the Turn Back the Clock subset. Like you, I started collecting in '88 and those pictures of the old cards really pushed me farther into the hobby back then. I always thought "maybe someday I'll have that card."

Oddly enough, in the handful of 78 Topps cards I have (which is about 7), I have that Jim Rice. But not the '88 TBC.

Here's my showing of the 1987 Turn Back the Clock set.

Good times.

Uglee Card said...

Topps also printed a limited edition Manny Trillo TBTC card in this set. But it only showed him like, one week earlier. He was eating at a restaurant with his family. Very odd.