Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#658 Tim Conroy

Why this card is awesome: Because here's another uncorrected error card, with Conroy's name in white instead of black like all the rest of the Cardinals.

This was Conroy's last card, as he finished up with the Cards in 1987. (In the majors, at least. You can see here that he played a couple more years in the minors.)

Cool stat: In the last 25 years, Conroy had one of the highest walk rates in a qualified season (that's 162 IP, which is what is required for the ERA title.) That list is populated by two kinds of pitchers: folks who started off kind of rough and then turned it around (Randy Johnson, Darryl Kile, Al Leiter, Brandon Webb, Wilson Alvarez) and guys who showed some promise but flamed out before ever making it (Matt Clement, Tony Saunders, Pat Rapp, etc.)

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