Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#656 Lee Guetterman

Why this card is awesome: Because, wow, Topps was digging deep for those stats on the back. If they are mentioning somebody ranking tenth in something, it would be nice if it were something like all-time wins by a lefty, not in ERA in one season in some minor league.

Cool stat: Since 1901, just two pitchers have had two seasons with an ERA above 7 over at least 60 innings. Guetterman is one, and surprisingly Hideo Nomo is the other.


Mike S said...

During his time with the Yanks, Guetterman belonged to the same synagogue as a friend of mine who lived in the Bronx. He might have the largest collection of Lee Guetterman autographed paraphernalia outside of Guetterman's parents' house.

Uglee Card said...

He also ranked 16th on the Bakersfield team in missed buses. Why didn't they mention that?