Tuesday, August 26, 2008

#652 Bruce Benedict

Why this card is awesome: Because Benedict's career was built the way they should have been. He was a Braves lifer as a backup catcher. Here's a bonus cool stat for you: catchers who played their entire career for one team (minimum 1000 PAs.) Despite retiring after 1989, Benedict is the 6th most-recent catcher to do it.

Cool stat: Benedict had just 18 career homers, and he hit 2 off one guy. You'll never guess who.


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Ben said...

That list of catchers is pretty interesting, if for nothing else than I didn't realize how long Ron Karkovice actually played.

Of his four 100+ game seasons, it looks like 1993 was his best production wise. There's another good one for high home run totals and low RBIs... 20 and 54.

Not much of a first round pick.