Monday, August 25, 2008

#648 Al Newman

Why this card is awesome: Because I'm pleased to say that Al Newman is not dead. For some reason, when I see Newman's name, I always think he passed away several years ago. If I recall correctly, Newman fell seriously ill while working as a coach for the Twins, and there was some question about whether he would recover. For some odd reason, I always think he didn't recover, but he did and is alive and (hopefully) well.

Cool stat: Since 1980, Al Newman had the most career ABs for a guy who finished with 1 career homer. Doug Flynn wasn't actually that close since he had several homers before 1980. Here is the game Newman homered in. Notice anything else interesting about it? Check out the Atlanta homers.

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Philly Keith said...

Al Newman truly sucked...and for that reason he was one of my all time favorite scrubs.