Thursday, August 21, 2008

#630 Darrell Evans

Why this card is awesome: Because Evans was coming off a great 1987, with an OPS+ of 135 and 99 RBI in 150 games. He also walked 100 times while striking out only 84 times, and did it all at age 40.

Cool stat: In 1985, Evans had one of a handful of seasons with 40 homers but fewer than 100 RBI. Evans is also one of just three players to have 100 homers for three different franchises. Can you name the other two? (Answer in small font below the image of the back of the card.) Evans was also part of a triad of players to hit 40 homers each for one team. Only 3 such triads have ever existed, and two of them were Coors-inflated.

Alex Rodriguez and Reggie Jackson

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David said...

Evans is 3rd all time with most HRs hit after the age of 36 (152), behind only Aaron and Bonds.