Wednesday, August 20, 2008

#628 Dave Henderson

Why this card is awesome: Because this is actually a good airbrush job. I assume it must be airbrushed but with basically just the SF logo replacing the B that was originally there. Henderson was a broadcaster for the Mariners for a while, and a pretty good one too, but that's not saying much since much of their other group is pretty pathetic.

Cool stat: Henderson had 10+ total bases in a game 4 different times. When he had 12 total bases, his team still lost, in part because his 3 homers that day were all solo. Oh, he also had a 5th game with 10 TB in the 1989 World Series. Hendu was money in the post-season.


David said...

Topps' airbrush job resulted in the only instance in this set that a team (San Francisco in this case) is represented by consecutive cards (Kelly Downs' card is next).

Andy said...

David, I noted the consecutive Giants on the next card, as you'll see when it's posted, but it's not the only example of consecutive cards from the same team. See also 454 and 455 as well as 386 and 387, 395 and 396, and 406 and 407.

Jim said...

When Hendu went to the A's they batted him 2nd in front of Canseco, loook at his HR totals skyrocket from 1988 on

David said...

Hmmm, allow me to rephrase:

... resulted in the only instance in this set, that I hastily observed, of a team being represented by consecutive cards.