Friday, August 15, 2008

#617 Oddibe McDowell

Why this card is awesome: Because McDowell was born and raised in Hollywood! (Hollywood, Florida, that is.)

For those who don't know, his first name is pronounced "OH-dib-ee."

Cool stat: Check out how many times McDowell was drafted. It was only the 6th time he was drafted that he signed, and that included two previous first-round shots with the Yankees and Twins.


David said...

You gotta wonder why teams kept wasting a pick on him when it was obvious that he wanted to play college ball.

As a Sun Devil, he outslugged teammate Barry Bonds in 1984.

Jim said...

I thought he was going to be a star. Maybe it was his cool name, I dunno.

jred17 said...

Loved that name. My mother's maiden last name is McDowell and as a running gag, any time I got one of his cards I would always ask if he was any relation (we are white, not that it necessarily makes any difference).

Andy said...

Perhaps it's Roger McDowell or Jack McDowell you are related to? Or Sam?

jred17 said...

Nope, not related to any of them. I just kept briging up Oddibe to get a rise