Friday, August 8, 2008

#598 Lee Lacy

Why this card is awesome: Because the first "O" in "Orioles" is heavily obstructed, moreso than any other letter on any other card in the set, I think. Finishing up with the Orioles in 1987 at age 39, this was Lacy's last card.

Cool stat: Lacy had 42 career triples, with two coming in one game that his team won 10-0.


Cannonball said...

I bet that they covered up that O so that it could match his jersey.

MMayes said...

Lee was one of those guys that could do well in limited playing time, but if he got 450 at bats/year, it was going to expose him and he'd be less effective. Earl Weaver understood that and got the most out of guys like John Lowenstein, Terry Crowley, Lacy and even suckmen Lenn Sakata and Floyd "Sugar Bear" Rayford.

To some extent, Tony LaRussa is doing that this year with guys like Aaron Miles, Adam Kennedy, Skippy Schumacher, etc. I was concerned what would happen if Ryan Ludwick got too much playing time, but he seems to still be thriving.