Monday, August 4, 2008

#581 Tito Landrum

Why this card is awesome: Because I never noticed airbrushed cards until Ben Henry pointed it out, but holy crap, this card is totally airbrushed. He must have been in a Cardinals uniform when they took the photo.

Cool stat: Landrum was not a good offensive player. In his entire career, spanning more than 600 games, he had only 2 games in which he got on base more than 3 times.


Kevin said...

He wasn't a good offensive player, no...and yet Tito hit the 10th inning home run that broke a scoreless tie and sent the 1983 Orioles to the World Series. Baseball is a funny game.

capewood said...

Even his face looks airbrushed.

Jim said...


so bad it's classic

Uglee Card said...

Even more sad: the hair is real.

ajsnyc22 said...

He might also have been in a 1999 turn ahead the clock uniform -- look at that silvery jersey!

jred17 said...

Didn't Landrum have a modeling career on the side? I think he wore a mouthguard when he played for that reason.