Friday, August 1, 2008

#573 Bob Stanley

Why this card is awesome: Because --


I have discovered something about this card that I suspect is unique in the long and glorious history of baseball cards.

The background of this card features a POPSICLE. Yes, a POPSICLE.

Cool stat:
Stanley is mostly remembered for his role in the 1986 World Series debacle. But from 1977 to 1985 he led all of baseball in most seasons with at least 80 IP and an ERA+ of 112 or better. He was one of the finest pitchers in the game back then.


David said...

That's hilarious!

Also, a lot of sunglasses in this photo. I almost get the sensation of being in a 1950s 3-D movie theatre.

David said...

An effective pitcher, but he sure did give up a lot of hits. For pitchers with a min. of 1,500 IP and an min. ERA+ of 105, the Steamer owns the highest BAA at .282!

All those saves must have been edge-of-your-seat nail-biters!

MMayes said...

Actually, I think it's an ice cream bar and not a popsicle. But that's such a good eagle-eyed find I should be slapped around the head and shoulders for cutting it down.

Andy said...

Where I come from, an ice cream bar is considered part of the popsicle family.

Awkward Moment said...

What about his 80 stats? 17 GS and 14 saves in the same year.

I wonder who else is part of that double digit category

Andy said...

I looked it up, Awkward Moment. The answer is here.