Sunday, July 13, 2008

88 AUTO FEST leader board

A rundown of who's won what so far:

Autographed 1988 Topps cards

Mike S 2 (J Jones, C Lansford)
Kevin 1 (J Gott)
Cannonball 1 (D DeCinces)
Matt 1 (J Calhoun)
zman40 1 (D Jones)
dayf 1 (T Brunansky, T Henke, B Surhoff, D Williams, R Horton)
rgrantd 1 (D Clark)

So Mike S is in the lead, having won two separate 88 AUTO FEST contests. Just as a reminder, dayf won the 5-card contest which as the rules stated, only counted for one point.

I am going to make one more 88 AUTO FEST contest post tomorrow. Unless somebody ties Mike S with 2 points, he's going to be the winner of cards 451-550 from the Topps set plus a few bonus cards. If somebody does tie Mike, then I'll keep posting more snippets until we have a winner. And don't worry, I have lots more autos to give away as we finish out the 1988 Topps set.

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Andy said...

I have scheduled the next (perhaps final) AUTO FEST contest to go live Monday morning at 9:00 AM in case you want to try to jump on and win.