Thursday, July 31, 2008

#567 Mike Diaz

Why this card is awesome: Because it's a great shot of the shoulder patch on the Pirates' uniforms from that year. No doubt that photo was taken in 1987 as that year is visible on the patch. I can't think of any other cards from this set that have a visible year like that.

Cool stat: Diaz hit 31 career homers, and 9 of those came off just 3 guys: 4 off John Tudor, 3 off El Sid, and 2 off Shane Rawley.

That's the second mention of John Tudor so far on this blog. Can't wait for the last mention of him! (Because he's the last card in the set...)

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Luke said...

Another good trade the bucs mgmnt. made in the 80's was the Mike Diaz for Gary Redus. Although not a great hitter, Redus was valuable at the top of the order.......

i miss those days, not just because of winning, but the great trades & signings the ownership made.......

It'll be interesting to see if Jason Bay does indeed go to the sox