Wednesday, July 30, 2008

#563 Jose Guzman

Why this card is awesome: Because, once and for all, this is NOT Juan Guzman. Yes, Jose and Juan are both very common Latino names, but they are really not the same guy. The two Guzmans are no more identical than Mark Davis and Mike Davis.

Cool stat: Interestingly, though, Jose Guzman kind of reminds me of Juan Guzman in terms of his career. This Guzman, like his surnamesake, was a pretty average pitcher who showed fairly often flashes of brilliance. He had 10 game scores of 80 or better, including 4 shutouts and a mess of other complete games. But he got blasted a lot too, and ended up with a career ERA+ of 102. Average. Sort of like Bobby Ojeda.

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David said...

So, in the last 24 hours, we've had:

1. The Bobby Ojeda of righties (Jose Guzman),
2. The Bobby Ojeda of outfielders (Lloyd Moseby),
3. The Bobby Ojeda of thirdbasemen (Tim Wallach), and
4. Bobby Ojeda.

Andy said...

It seems to be a theme, eh? :)

I can tell you that of the cards I've already written up yet to come, I haven't mentioned Ojeda one more time yet. Heh.

David said...

Not even for #570 Jeffrey (The Bobby Ojeda of Leftfielders) Leonard?

#560 Lloyd Moseby: career 102 OPS+
#563 Jose Guzman: career 102 ERA+
#565 Tim Wallach: career 102 OPS+
#570 Jeffrey Leonard: career 102 OPS+

We're actually besmirching Bobby Ojeda's reputation because he's sitting pretty with a 104 ERA+.