Wednesday, July 30, 2008

#562 Jim Lindeman

Why this card is awesome: Because I am perplexed about what team is seen in the background. Clearly this is a spring training game using alternate jerseys. Are those blue and orange jerseys from the Astros, the Padres, or some other team?

Cool stat: For players with no more than 680 career at-bats, Lindeman had the 20th most homers (in a tie,) 21st most RBI (also in a tie) and 12th most total bases.


Bo said...

It's pretty clearly an Astros uniform.

Splint Chesthair said...

Look up the Topps 1988 Chuck Jackson card. He's wearing the same Astros uniform.

MMayes said...

Has to be the Astros. The Cards and Astros trained in Florida, but the Padres were in Arizona.

Jim Lindeman was one of those guys we thought was going to be a big hitter, but he couldn't put it together. In 5 years will we be writing the same thing about Cardinal leftfielder/first baseman Chris Duncan?