Wednesday, July 23, 2008

#544 Jim Traber

Why this card is awesome: Because this photo looks almost like it was taken in front of the ocean. That would have been cool.

Cool stat: Since 1901, just 13 times has a guy had at least 44 RBIs in a season in which he had no more than 240 PAs. Traber did it in 1986.


Jim said...

a productive 1986 in not many games leads to no ABs in 1987 for Jim Traber, kinda weird.

MMayes said...

There wasn't enough room in the Oriole dugout for Fat Jim Traber and Fat Larry Sheets.

spoonhead said...

Jim's a legend of sorts in Oklahoma City sports talk radio, mostly because of his very loud and grating voice. He loves reminding listeners of his big league career, and hates it when they bring up his .227 lifeime BA.

Oh, and then there's this: