Tuesday, July 22, 2008

#543 Kent Tekulve

Why this card is awesome: Because, hot damn, what a great photo of Tekulve. It captures him with those awesome photogray sunglasses about to go into his submarine delivery.

Cool stat: I just love Tekulve. He was a hell of a pitcher. Here's a small piece I wrote on him about most losses in games where the pitcher didn't allow any earned runs. Here's one about how good he still was at age 40. And did you know he once played in the outfield in a game in which he also pitched?


ajsnyc22 said...

Hey, what happened to your "one comment before a new post" rule?

Anyway, this is about as Tekulve a shot as you can get without a pillbox hat covered in Stargell stars...glasses, mid-delivery, stringy stirrups are all accounted for.

Andy said...

I am getting tired of you slow sons of bitches. I want to finish out this set, so sometimes I go ahead and post more quickly. Plus I like to keep at least 500 page views a day and if I post a few cards each day, I ensure that.

Did I call you guys, my loyal readers, sons of bitches? Sorry, I don't really mean it! :)