Monday, July 21, 2008

#541 Juan Beniquez

Why this card is awesome: Because, in Beniquez, I give you the Oscar Gamble of the 1980s.

Cool stat: Check out this list of fewest RBIs in a season by a player with at least 350 AB and a .330 BA. Beniquez comes in 12th since 1901. How about Luis Castillo in 2000? How the hell do you bat .334 over .539 ABs and get only 17 RBI? Florida wasn't even that bad of a team.


Jim said...

An 18 year major league career, wow, who would have thought he'd do that, not overly impressive stats, yet he stuck around for a long time. Must be a good teammate.

ajsnyc22 said...

Every other Blue Jay so far in the set is wearing the royal blue BP jersey. Beniquez is the first one in the powder blues, and it definitely stands out (the photographer including the pants in the shot may have something to do with the overwhelming blueness).

Luke said...

wow, seems like the buccos own that list