Monday, July 7, 2008

#523 Gary Roenicke

Why this card is awesome: Because for those who cannot remember, Gary is the "good" Roenicke brother (besting brother Ron) although that's very much on a sliding scale.

Roenicke is pronounced "REN-ickey."

Cool stat: Roenicke, ala Ken Phelps, had 2 seasons with 20+ HR and yet fewer than 400 ABs. Over the period 1979-1982, he was the only guy to do that twice.


Jim said...

7 guys did it int he strike year of 1981, that almost doesn't count. I guess we are saying Gary should've gotten more ABs!

MMayes said...

Gary didn't get more ABs because he spent the prime of his career with the early 80's Orioles. Earl Weaver used some extensive platoon systems with guys like Gary, John Lowenstein, Jim Dwyer and Terry Crowley (there had to have been another right-hander or two) to maximize what they could give....and told them all to swing as hard as they could.