Friday, June 20, 2008

88 AUTO FEST #7: We have a winner!

Whew, that took a while, but we've finally got ourselves a winner of the 5 autographed cards.

After yesterday's clues, a few people were able to correctly identify the 5 snippets:

1 - #375 Tom Brunansky
2 - #220 Tom Henke
3 - #491 B.J. Surhoff
4 - #104 Dick Williams
5 - #34 Ricky Horton

And one person, the inimitable DAYF, identified the commonality I was looking for among these 5 guys. In dayf's own words:

" Commonality: each player had one team where they were waived/traded/drafted away from that team at some point, and they ended up back for a second stint with that same team later on their career.

Brunansky - was with Boston '90-'92, signed with the Brewers, was traded back to Boston in '94.
Henke - was with Texas '82-'84, chosen as a compensation pick by the Blue Jays in '85, signed with Texas again in '93.
Surhoff - was with Baltimore '96-'00, traded to the Braves in '00, resigned with Baltimore in '03.
Williams - with Baltimore '56-57, traded to Cleveland in '57, traded back to Baltimore in '58, they traded him to Kansas City at the end of the season, and was traded right back to Baltimore in '61.
Horton - with St. Louis '84-87, traded to Chicago in '88, signed with St. Louis in '89

that's convoluted as hell, but I can't see anything else similar in
the careers of 2 hitters, two pitchers and a manager."

If you are a reader of my posts at the Stat of the Day blog, you might remember a while back when I made a post about players doing multiple tours of duty with the same team. I like that, for some reason (which is one reason why I like Harold Baines so much. Hello, three tours of duty with two different teams!)

A shout out to Mike S, who suggested the commonality of them all leaving their teams after a World Series win. That was a great guess, but he incorrectly had Doyle Alexander instead of B.J. Surhoff, the latter of whom was never on a World Series team. Still--that was an insightful find by Mike.

Congrats to dayf, who wins the 5 autographed cards.

We now resume with our regular 88 auto fest contests - just one card per post and no trivia.

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