Monday, June 30, 2008

#516 Jim Sundberg

Why this card is awesome: Because of that unusual bright blue line running across the dugout. I'm not sure if that's just a weird shadow pattern or if Topps messed with the brightness of the card. Or maybe it's a railing?

Cool stat: Since 1969, Sundberg has the most PAs in a season with a batting average under .200. Tom Tresh has him beat in 1968.


Luke said...

T BONE! #27!!

i know this has nothing to do w/sundberg, but i noticed Chase Headley has gone 1-4 in 5 strait games. Wonder who has the record for that

MMayes said...

That sub-.200 list of guys made me wonder about why they got that much playing time:

Sundberg -- excellent fielding catcher

Deer -- swings hard, might hit homer if he makes contact

Pedro Garcia -- had some pop in bat; only viable option was Tim Johnson (ugh)

Coco Laboy -- 2nd year expansion

Ruben Rivera -- blackmailed team into playing time by holding Tony Gwynn's favorite glove hostage

Todd Cruz -- no excuse...absolute suckitude, but somehow Orioles managed to win World Series with him at 3rd base. "Options" included Leo Hernandez, 47 year old Aurelio Rodriguez (who hit .119) and Glenn Gulliver.