Monday, June 16, 2008

#501 Tim Birtsas

Why this card is awesome: Because I believe this is an uncorrected error card. The rest of the Athletics cards in this set have a purple name banner, whereas this one is blue. I don't recall ever hearing that this was an error card, though, like Garry Templeton's.

Cool stat: Since 1901, Tim's 1990 is the 4th-worst season with at least 50 IP and a league-average or better ERA, ranked in terms of WHIP.


Jim said...

To go along with that terrible whip, his ERA was under 4.00!!! I remember getting his autograph after an A's game, he signed every last autograph after the game (not that he was a star) but he was a real nice guy.

Jeremy Cox said...

how odd that birtsas got a card even though he didn't make it to the majors in '87.

MMayes said...

One hit in 18 lifetime at bats (HR off Sid Fernandez), but only 3 strikeouts. So he made contact, but couldn't do anything with it. I guess he was either hitting in "bad luck" or he just stuck the bat out and hit a lot of weak dribblers to the second baseman.