Monday, June 16, 2008

#499 Eric King

Why this card is awesome: Because he was born in Oxnard, CA. I heard that Oxnard is a delicacy in many countries.

Cool stat: In the 1990s, 27 times a pitcher had at least 150 IP, a WHIP under 1.2, and a W-L% of .750 or better. Eric King, believe it or not, had one of those seasons.


Kevin said...

I'll admit it Andy, I laughed at "Oxnard". Mostly because "nard" is much funnier than "nad". Strange but true.

Andy said...

Glad somebody enjoyed it :)

capewood said...

Oxnard soup?

I can almost never get the darn word verification right the first time. But they always give me an easier one the second time.