Saturday, June 14, 2008

#497 Kevin Mitchell

Why this card is awesome: Because Mitchell's face appears to be the only thing on this card that wasn't airbrushed. Even the trees in the background look airbrushed.

Cool stat: Mitchell's 1994 was one of the quirkier 30-HR seasons. For example, Mitchell scored the 3rd-fewest runs for a 30-HR season that year.


Luke said...

seems like 94 was one of those years where there were interesting stats yet no one bothers to look at anymore(strike year).

I always thought someone could of hit 59 or 60 some homers (Griffey and Williams) that year

capewood said...

I have a lot of lat 1980s Topps cards and I'll have to say that I never really noticed how much airbruahing was going on. I'm sure there were some cards which maybe stood out but I don't remember making any special note of the practice. Now that this blog and others have pointed this out its impossible not to notice. As soon as I saw this image I thought the same thing you said, the only thing real was his face.

Bo said...

At least they didn't airbrush away the gold tooth!