Thursday, June 12, 2008

#495 Eddie Murray

Why this card is awesome: Because this is one of the most beautiful cards in the set. It's a nice action shot of Murray, and using the orange font and orange border for the Orioles cards is great. But best of all is how Murray's front leg, back leg, and bat are all at the same angle as his name banner, giving the card a real sense of motion. Major kudos to the photographer and the person who chose this photo for the card.

Cool stat: Murray has the 3rd-most seasons all time with at least 17 HR. The only guys ahead of him are Aaron and Bonds.

Hall of Fame count: 33


MMayes said...

On this card back, the only year he led the league in HR's was the year he had his lowest output (except for '86 when it looks like he was hurt)

Jim said...

That was the strike year he tied 3 other guys with 22 HRs. I think Murray received the most MVP votes in the decade of the 80s but never won!

Uglee Card said...

I'm surprise Tommy Aaron and Bobby Bonds had so many homers.

Andy said...

In fact, Eddie Murray has the most career MVP shares without winning a single award. See here for that. He's got 3.33 shares. Mike Piazza is just behind him at 3.15 and no wins, but is now retired. The closest active player with no wins is Manny Ramirez (2.75.) Ironically, the next closest is David Ortiz (2.49.) It's ironic since those two guys have cost each other MVP awards by splitting votes. Both have had MVP-caliber seasons that went unrewarded.