Thursday, June 5, 2008

#485 Harold Reynolds

Why this card is awesome: Because in early 1988, this card was big news, or at least the fact that Harold Reynolds led the AL in steals in 1987 was. Rickey Henderson had led every year since 1980 and in fact also led 1988 through 1991., until Kenny Lofton ripped off 5 years in a row. Oh, plus the blurry assembly of people on the left looks sort of like Jar Jar Binks.

Cool stat: Reynolds' 1986 is one of the 10 worst seasons since 1901 in OBP with at least 30 stolen bases. That sums up Reynolds' career right there. Fast guy, great baserunner, but couldn't get on base enough to be very valuable.


Cannonball said...

May we see the list, please?

Andy said...

Oops..forgot the link. The PI is down for daily updates right now, so I'll add it later today.

David said...

Overall, H-R was not a good basestealer. His career success rate of 64% is pretty paltry compared to other players who led their league in steals.

In fact, for players with a max of 300 steals, only Pete Rose was caught more times.

Andy said...

Agreed, David. That's why I said he was a great base RUNNER.

Andy said...

I added that link, Jimmy.

emhsea said...

My favorite H-R story concerns Ricky Henderson's phone call to Harold when he won the SB crown:

"Reynolds! This is Rickey."
"Oh, hey Rick."
"60 steals, huh?"
"Yeah, I can't believe it. It was amazing."
"60?! Rickey had 60 at the All-Star Break!"


Cannonball said...

Thanks for adding the list.

Mike S said...

For years I wanted ESPN to get rid of Harold Reynolds, as his analysis was often overly simplistic and wrong. Now that I see who they've hired to replace him, bring back HR! ;) At least he came across as a nice guy (making the reasons for his dismissal all the more ironic).

David said...

Who did ESPN hire to replace HR?