Monday, June 2, 2008

#481 Mariano Duncan

Why this card is awesome: Because I sure hope he's bunting. Otherwise, he's choking up way too much!

You probably don't remember, but Duncan was the starting 2B on three different World Series teams: 1990 Reds, 1993 Phillies, and 1996 Yankees. And he was with the Dodgers in 1988, but in the minors, after getting demoted in 1987. (It's rare to see a player with so much big-league experience get sent to the minors, but it also happened the other day with Chris Duncan of the Cardinals.)

Cool stat: Duncan hit multiple triples off 3 pitchers. And, whoa, look at his career numbers off Lee Smith! They include a go-ahead grand slam in 1993.


MMayes said...

When he was a rookie in '85 I remember Vin Scully talking about him getting a "bunt double" where he would choke up and push a bunt past the charging first baseman and then making it to second. Hopefully someone has a better memory about that than I.

mmb1980 said...

You missed the main reason this card is awesome - other than the obvious jheri curl: Duncan is very clearly batting left-handed here, as evidenced both by his right hand being at the knob of the bat and the lack of an earflap on his left ear.

Duncan was a switch hitter the first three years of his career, totalling 873 PAs from the left side of the plate. 1987, when this picture was taken, was his final season as a switch hitter.

For his career he was .209/.269/.281 as a lefty - probably a wise move to abandon switch hitting.

mmb1980 said...

In fact, looking at the back of the card, Duncan is even listed as batting right.