Friday, May 30, 2008

#476 Dave Stewart

It's another 3AM feeding post!

Why this card is awesome: Because that all-yellow warmup jacket is awesome. Also, again, I am surprised by the very obvious Budweiser ad in the background. I would have thought Topps would airbrush that out.

Cool stat: Stats-wise, Dave Stewart enjoyed one of the greatest peaks of any pitcher, getting 8 more wins than any other pitcher from over the period 1987-1990 and winning at least 20 each year. Although Stewart was very good, he was helped a lot by the Bash Brothers' offense. His actual record over that time was 84-45 (.651) but his neutralized record was 67-49 (.578) with no 20-win seasons.


Andy said...

I just looked this up because I was curious. Over 1987 to 1990, there were a total of 17 times a pitcher had 20 more wins in a season. See here.
Stewart did it 4 times, Viola and Clemens twice each, and 9 other guys once each.

emhsea said...

What I remember most about Stew was that he owned Clemens - I believe he was 7-1 head-to head.

Triple Play said...

Its not everyday that a player spends 7 or 8 years going from a RP to SP and back to later become 20+ game winner for 4 straight years.

Stewart really found his game in Oakland. Just like moving Eck from SP to RP, the LaRussa/Duncan team scored again with Dave.

MMayes said...

I think Stewart found a splitter about the time he got to Oakland (better than what he found while a Texas Ranger). He had the most intimidating glare of anybody in the late 80's, but when he was interviewed, he has this squeaky little voice that does not go with the face.

Andy said...

Regarding his voice, see also: Mike Tyson