Wednesday, May 28, 2008

#472 Robby Thompson

Why this card is awesome: Because that, my friends, is now to choke up on a bat. If he had three hands, he'd have enough room for #3 on the end.

Cool stat: Folks, you may not realize it, but Robby Thompson was not a good player. Since 1901, among players who finished with at least 900 career K's, he had the 13th-fewest total bases.


Jim said...

We Giants fans will always love Robby Thompson, he had a great 1993, which led to his unfortunate contract a 3 year 11 million dollar deal, and the non re-signing of Will Clark. OUCH!

Andy said...

Thompson gets a lot more credit than he deserves for a couple of important NLCS homers, although he did not hit well overall in the playoffs.

David said...

At first glance, the photo on this card is remarkably similar to #418, Joel Youngblood.