Wednesday, May 14, 2008

#449 Jeff Robinson

Why this card is awesome: Because if this were a modern day photo, we'd know that Robinson had a cell phone against his ear. In those days, if he had a cell phone, it would have been as big as his head.

This is the other Jeff Robinson. Not this guy.

Cool stat: Robinson's 1988 makes the top 10 for fewest hits allowed in a season since 1901 with at least 170 IP. His walk rate was bad that year, and in subsequent years remained bad while his hit rate went back to average. Therefore, he was no good.


Steve Gierman said...

I always got those two confused. Didn't they start using the middle initial of one in later years?

Andy said...

I don't remember that about the Robinsons, Steve. You might be thinking about Greg Harris...Greg A and Greg W.

Steve Gierman said...

Check out 1991 Upper Deck cards 676 and 796. I knew my memory wasn't that faulty. LOL