Monday, May 12, 2008

#439 Dave Martinez

Why this card is awesome: Because I always liked this card, and I've always liked Martinez. Although not an action shot or a posed shot, this is a good photo of Martinez. He was heralded around this time as one of their top two offensive rookies (Mark Grace being the other) and although he didn't pan out quite the way the Cubs had hoped, he had a long career, and always seemed highly valued by his teams.

Martinez holds a rare distinction of being traded three times during one active season, 2000. The Rays traded him to the Cubs in May. The Cubs traded him to the Rangers in June. The Rangers traded him to the Blue Jays in August.

Cool stat: Over Martinez' career from 1986 to 2001, he makes the top 10 in MLB for triples. He also did it in many fewer plate appearances than most of the other players, although Lance Johnson has everyone beat by a country mile, hitting way more triples than anybody else at a very high rate.

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Triple Play said...

Yea, I too like this card. Looks like he just struck out or was caught stealing.